Technology and Environment Workshop'21

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Can technology mitigate the environmental crisis? Workshop’22, 2nd edition as part of the EGC conference 2022

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and industry representatives to discuss how their work and ideas can mitigate the environmental crisis.

Information and communication technology has changed the fabric of our society and has altered our relation, understanding and appreciation of the world around us. New and emerging technologies aim at predicting the climate using simulations models and Artificial Intelligence, monitoring agricultural soils via drones, creating atmospheric and sonic pollution maps in cities via crowdsensing, and collecting data at the field level using IoT devices. This workshop aims to explore potential impact and applications of recent technological innovations on the environment, as well as the perspectives for the years to come.

Topics (non-exhaustive)

We encourage the submission of research, work-in-progress and position and vision papers addressing technological and research themes related to the environment. Interdisciplinary work is of high interest. We are looking for inputs relating technologies such as blockchain cloud and edge computing, visualization Analytics, Machine Learning, Big data, Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Web and Linked Data, IoT, address topics such as environmental crisis, disaster management, health and environment, Environmental governance, Agriculture and water, Energy, Recycling, Climate prediction, Green technology, Lifestyle and sustainability, Pollution monitoring.

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